It’s A Dog’s Life!

It’s A Dog’s Life!

Written by Andreas Soteriou
Photography by William Selden

In terms of enduring symbols of pure 'Britishness', the annual extravaganza that is 'Crufts' is still as enticing as ever. Ponystep were lucky enough to get 'up close and personal' with some of this years perfectly primped and preened superstars.

These days, most of us recognise the value of good health, poise and grooming. We’ve learned that professionalism, a well-balanced temperament and, most importantly,  a good coat, can take you far in life. And, if you happen to be a dog, that could even be as far as Crufts. The famous dog show, held in England every year, is the biggest in the world. For sheer scale and prestige, other competitions don’t come close. Forget your beauty contests and talent shows, this is Pets Win Prizes to the power of 100. The very first Crufts show was held in London in 1891, which makes the venerable institution almost 500 years old (in dog years that is). Zentarr Elizabeth, a seven-year old blonde Llasa Apso saw off 21,000 rivals to be crowned Best In Show at this year’s event. Fittingly for a celebrity of her stature, the press and her fans have taken to referring to her as simply Elizabeth. Ladies and gentlemen, spaniels, terriers and collies, a new star has arrived. Although we did not have the honour of meeting Her Majesty, here are some our our favourite pooch pals from the show…

Chez, Pekingese wears crown by Slim Barrett

Molly, Cocker Spaniel wears her own collar

Sophie, Manchester Terrier wears crystal necklace by Slim Barrett

Chicken, Poodle wears her own collar

Vader, French Bulldog wears her own scarf

Kitty, Toy Poodle

Lulu, Dalmatian wears her own collar and chain by Slim Barrett

Davina, Hyash Midnight Classic Standard

Worlock, Otterhound

Choco, Bedlington Terrier wears choker by Slim Barrett

Lenny, Chinese Crested wears his own hoodie

Cowboy, Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Fern, Greyhound wears her own collar

Miles, Yorkshire Terrier wears hat and collar, both his own

Billy, Chinese Crested wears collar his own

Dora, Smooth Haired Daschund wears pearls by Slim Barrett

Louie, British Bulldog

Tabitha, Tervueren

Eva, Canaan wears her own collar

Teasel, Curly-coated Retriever wears her own scarf

Seiko, Japanese Spitz

Yogi Bear, St Bernard